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More on the Julio dog

On bad pain days, I tend to wear pollar fliece pants if I can. I thought that Julio just liked the pants, because he will tickle me when I'm feeling bad and wearing those pants. Well, apparently, it's not those pants. I was wearing cords and a t-shirt, and he was tickling me. He's been doing that ever since Sunday. That's when "the bovine feces hit the wind propelling apparatus" as Dad says and as far as pain is concerned. Things just aren't getting better, and I've tried to be relatively good, not doing more walking than I need to, but this week is not good for not walking. I have to. I have a mobility lesson in a little over 20 minutes, which I have to get because if I don't, I'll have a repeat of yesterday, but how am I going to walk that much? And then sit through a 3 hour class tonight?

The pain clinic just called, one of the nurses took down my symptoms and is going to talk to the doctor who made the original diagnosis back in Novemeber. She said I almost never call, and that Mom was right for making me (I always expect them to think I'm a wuss and don't want to speak out, especially since I know of people who have RSD in more places and more advanced than I do). Maybe they can help me. I'm still embarrassed that I had to call, but she was nice about it. I'm going to ask for prayers that they will find something to do that won't make me stupid for school, and that will help. Also, that I can make it through the next several hours. Sleeping tonight would be good, but I think that's probably asking too much.

Thanks to everyone who's checked up on me. I do really appreciate it.


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