Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Fun with Lyrica

Looks like I get to go to the pharmacy for some Lyrica. It was interesting, the phone system asked if I wanted it delivered for a "Nominal fee". I wonder how much that is and if it's worth it? The problem is that I can't get my meds onto the right schedule so that they'd all be needed at the same time. And it's probably good for me to go off campus if only to get Julio to have a different route. On the other hand, if going is difficult for pain related reasons, it may be smart to consider that. I'll ask tomorrow when I go.

Oh, and music is making me think about the music I listen to. I'm trying to decide if "The Final Move" by Chris Rice is polyphonic or homophonic.

Tomorrow's Valentine's day, and I don't have a red bandana for the Julio dog. I'm not as mad at him anymore. He's too cute to be mad at for long.


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