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I finally did it...

I finally became a paid member. I'm glad. I want to have referral codes to get people into the live journal thing. It's helped me a lot! Anyway...
After I totally unloaded, I felt much better. I think it's good to get rid of those fears. Somehow, saying my exact feelings made them not seem so big anymore, like they just shrunk before my... Well, can't say before my eyes now can I? Well, they shrunk. Anyways...
I also talked to a friend who's a nurse when I was at church. At least I got rid of the mith that being under Anesthesia is like being dead and that the only thing keeping you alive is a machine which a friend kindly told me a long time ago. She told me what machines they might use to monitor me, which helped me a lot. I guess if I'd been smart I could have just explained why I was freaking out! THanks to all of you who've been helping me through this time. It's pretty scary, but I'll make it.
I had coffee today, so I decided to make a poll. Here goes:
Poll #188098 What's your Favorite Coffee?

What kind of coffee is best?

Black... None of that other junk!
Cream and sugar
Flakes! (White chocolate mochas)
Gotta have ice... Cold and good!
Does it have caffene? Okay, then gimme!

Okay, I'm done!


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