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Okay, I want to try to clarify a few things now that I've had a chance to think. I am still frustrated, but am working to let it go. It's not worth my time anymore. Hopefully, being offensive was not this professor's intent, and my frustration is only costing me. Still, there is a lot of emotion, some of which is probably caused by other stuff.

I want to clarify that although the comment was distressing, it's what wasn't said that was upsetting as well. Yes, obviously, the thought of being aborted or abandoned because of a disability (mine is not genetic in nature), is very distressing. But I think what is more distressing is that an opportunity was there for the professor to encourage discussion about the topic, or encourage students to learn about the other side of disability. The comment could have been made more tactfully.

I also need to clarify that although I don't advocate abortion, I would still remain friends with someone who took that option. It's not one I would choose, but much of why I would not choose it is because of my faith. My faith also says that i's not for me to condemn, and that I am to mirror Jesus. So although I might not agree with the choice, I would love someone as a friend anyway.

Now, what am I going to do about this? I haven't talked with the other student about this since this morning, but I think I'd rather show him instead of getting him in to trouble. We have to write papers for each unit, and it can be on a topic of our choice. Guess what the first one is going to be about? Something to do with the positive side, or success stories of people with genetically linked disabilities.

Now that that's decided, I do feel much better. I'm exhausted, but over the anger. It really isn't going to do me any good. All of your responses show why I trust my friends. Thanks for the thought provoking comments and I appreciate that even when I get a hot temper, you all had cool heads and discussed things so well while I was at class. It's the kind of discussion I wish could have been part of class today. I'll try to get to the comments at some point. But after some other things that happened today (getting lost, not getting to eat until about 2:30 and using a slate and stylus), I'm in need of some time to read and relax. Thanks everyone for your support.


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Feb. 10th, 2006 10:26 pm (UTC)
your reaction to the professor
I agree with your comment regarding the professor's failure to encourage discussion. It seems to me that the professor is obviously pro-choice and threatened by anything pro-life... To encourage discussion would have meant risking a debate situation, which he probably couldn't have handled knowing that there were people with disabilities in the class who would feel strongly about it (never mind the Christians, who he may or may not feel could or could not handle the discussion well). Like you, I don't condemn people for choices made. I do reserve the right to attempt to talk them out of it beforehand.
Feb. 10th, 2006 10:32 pm (UTC)
Re: your reaction to the professor
Yeah, I reserve that right too. I just wanted to temper my strong reaction this morning...
Feb. 11th, 2006 08:29 am (UTC)
i honestly couldn't say where exactly i fall on the issue of abortion. i see merits for each argument. but i AM disabled and it is because of a genetic condition. in my case, a number of genetic recessives that i was lucky enough to get.

and yet...i do a number of seminars every year on disability rights and service dogs. i know for a fact that i've helped people. does having a genetically-linked illness negate my worth as person? make me less? take away the value of the good things i do?

i really doubt that he was trying to make people feel like this, but it still seems to show a surprising lack of empathy or forethought.

i'm sorry to ramble...i think this topic kinda hit a tender spot i didn't particularly know i had. i think your ideas about talking with the other student and using it as a topic for a paper are simply marvelous. hope your day ended up on a much more positive note!
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