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I cannot believe he just said that!

My psych professor was talking about genetically linked disabilities and disorders. The book had a flow chart talking about what couples can do if they know they could bear a child with a disability. There were several options such as not having children, adopting, not marrying a person if your combo is likely to bear a child with disability or, having the child and trying again with a new pregnancy. He said "I'm convinced the author is pro-life because she doesn't include the option that obviously belongs there which is abortion." He has two students with severe disabilities (not genetically related, but still very obvious i.e., crutches and guided dog), that is not a thing you want to say. Several of us are very upset over this.
Most people taking these classes are going into human service professions or medical ones. The last thing we need is more people thinking that people with disabilities should be aborted.

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