Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

I guess that wasn't so bad.

The day wasn't awful. Other people were upset about the loss, but we still had a good day. In a great show of intelligence (note the sarcasm), I forgot my I.D. in my room. I was still able to get breakfast, which I think was a very good thing indeed. Psychology was basically the professor going over our handouts which was kind of boring to be honest.

Then I walked back to the dorm with another person so that i could get in to my room. Saw my friend who was my orientation leader, but she was tapping me on the arm and not identifying herself. I like to think I can take a little bit of teasing, so I'm glad I checked my first instinct which was to smack the person doing it. She's cool, so like I said, I'm glad I didn't hit her. I found my card and then grabbed a croissant with some fruit flavored cream cheese and a bottle of water, read a little and headed for class.

Julio found my class very nicely which was really a positive thing. Sociology was pretty easy because we were talking about sociological questions. Those were easy to grasp. Getting to music wasn't nearly so simple. I got somewhat lost, but kept my wits about me. I think God has a sense of humor, because when I was starting to get frustrated, almost positive I was late (walking seems to take forever when you're in pain), I breathed a prayer of "Oh, God, help me please!" Just then, a student walked by and took the turn we needed to take. Turns out she's in my class and when she went in the way I did, she wasn't sure where she was. Once we were in the building, Julio and I took over and showed the way.

In class, I was actually following along well and able to talk about the musical piece much more intelligently than I expected. Maybe I'm not as awful as I think when it comes to music. Finding our way out of the building was fine, it was just once we were out that we were confused. We ended up by the dorm and completely lost, so I had to get help to go to the CDC for lunch.

At lunch, I sat with a student who's a junior and we had a wonderful conversation. That brings me back to now, realizing I'm starving even though I just ate.

I got a nice surprise in my email in the form of
An article on assistive technology and employment.

With that, I'll end this long entry. The pain is a bit high, so I need to rest.

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