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Book review: Must Love Dogs

I'm hoping to do more in the way of book reviews for this journal/blog. I want to make this a more homelike place to point the web browser. I always wanted a nook, or spot to call my own. ow have that in my dorm room. But I want to make my blog a little more comfy. I've decided to talk more about books I've read.
bI just finished the book Must Love Dogs it's written by Clare Cook (spelling unknown). It's about a "single divorced white female" (words of the classified ad, not my own). She's getting not-so-gentle-prodding from her family to start dating. The book talks about her attempts to do just that and the challenges that brings when you live in a small town. It's meant to be funny and to me it is. I actually found myself laughing out loud several times during the book.
Since I've lived in a small town my whole life, and taken vacations to an even smaller one, I can fully appreciate the small town difficulties of dating. I don't date, but I still understand the small town experience.
The nice thing about the humor in this book is that it isn't just a joke here and a joke there. The experiences are what make it so funny, and reference to those experiences later in the book help them stick in my memory.
Since it is a book about dating, there are some references to sex. It's not a book I'd give to a 13 year old, but the reference's aren't too bad. It's not overly explicit, but definitely something to be aware of. The nice thing about this is that it isn't overly glorified. There are consequences, and the morning-after-blues are definitely there. This only really comes up in one scene. That's the only thing I really didn't like.
I'D be remiss if I didn't talk about the narration. I liked the narrator's voice, it was pleasant and believable that it could belong to the written narration of the main character in the book. There weren't many sound effects at all, just music in the beginning and end of the book. So it wasn't distracting in the least.
Overall, it was an excellent light read. Not too serious, and the humor was definitely a plus.
If you want the book, head to your nearest bookstore. If you want the audio, it's available on audible, and the publisher is Blackstone Audio.
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