Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Not another one.

It looks like I've had another Vitreal Hemmorage. Purple, in keeping with my nails. I was sitting in my music class, listening to the instructor going over basic musical notation and i started trying to remember the Braille music stuff. Dumb, Nickie, dumb. I kind of freaked internally. I breathed, and calmed down. She says it won't be an issue, we'll deal with it. Then, I'm sitting there, and I feel some pressure, soon, I'm seeing an angry redish purple. Sometimes, it's more blue. I asked someone and there are more blue spots. I won't repeat my exact words here.
Right now, my mantra is that God is bigger han this, but cares about the small stuff. And I'm going to trust him and try to handle this as gracefully as possible. In the book Travelling Light, (available from bookshare)
Max Lucado
talks about the What ifs and How'lls. I'm trying to avoid those pot holes. God will have to get me through, and the beautiful thing is that he will.
Okay, the rest of my day.
I knew it was going to be a not good pain day today, so I wore my most comfiest pants which are polar fliece.
Psych was okay, we talked about methods which was really really easy. I've had these drilled into me by Psych 100, so that was easy to deal with. Then, I went and got a smoothy. Good drink. In sociology, we talked about sociological imagination which, put simply, is the ability to figure out how your biography relates to sociological principals and structures and all of that stuff.
In The Art of Listening (now refered to by me as music,) we talked about beat, rhythm, tempo, notation and all of that fun stuff. Brought back memories of playing the violin and of dance class. I miss dance a lot sometimes.
I grabbed a sandwich on the way back from class. Now I'm here and managing to deal.

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