Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Student Files Suit When Essay Gets Him Sent to Psych Ward

It's my opinion that when you write something, you take responsibility for it. This students comments could definitely have been perceived as threats. If you write something violent and there a similarity to what is in your past (I.E., the student's disagreements with the creative writing teacher), then there is reason to be concerned. In this instance, there needs to be some step taken. I've served as a lifeline before (although no one ever approached me), and if there's a threat of suicide or violent action, preventative measures do need to be taken. It seems like common sense to me that a student is going to get evaluated if they write something like the passage referenced in this article.
Having taken a creative writing course, I've been told that if you write something like this, or something that indicates abuse, there are going to be consequences because the teacher is required to report it.
This is the article I'm talking about.
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