Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Back at school.

I've spent the weekend at houses of friends. My family went out to surprise my Grandma, but with classes starting tomorrow, I couldn't do it. Mom and I moved most of my junk into my dorm on Thursday. I had my last acupuncture for a while since I don't have a good way to get up there for it. Then we went to dinner with friends. I slept over at their house, and spent most of Friday talking, reading and relaxing. I went over to michael_m's house on Friday night, and we just kind of hung out, had pizza and crashed. As I did with Thursday night, I woke up way too early on Saturday morning. It wasn't anyone's fault, it was the pain. Oh, almost forgot, on Friday night, I learned that if you are struggling to swollow Amitriptyline and it starts to disolve, you will nearly vomit from the taste and your mouth will go numb.
We went to Panara (spelling?), for breakfast, and later went to an ACBM meeting. After that, I ended up naping, then we went to see "Nanny McFee". It was a good movie, but there are things I didn't like as well. Then we went out for dinner and I had a club minus the icky vegetables.
Today we relaxed in the morning,. We stopped by a grocery store and I got a few more essential oils to try mixing. Then, Michael and Patti brought me here. Hanging out this weekend kept me more calm than I expected and it was a ton of fun. I know I'm being vague, but I'm tired. I think I'll go get my sandwich out of the fridge, feed the pup after I eat and then relieve him. If I missed anything important in my absence from the net, let me know.

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