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My weekend

My weekend has been good. We just got back from a Lion's convention which was good. I must say though, that for reasons of exhaustion, I'm glad it's over. I was starting to tire of explaining things about Guide Dogs and justifying my choice of school. I'm not mad at the people who asked the questions, I know they were just interested, but it did get tiring. By the time 12:30 rolled around this morning/last night, I decided I needed to go back to the room. My pain tolerance was awful by this point even though I tried to do things in ways that wouldn't agrivate the foot. There was free wireless, which I used last night, but for some reason, I couldn't post. This, as you can imagine, was frustrating. I spent a lot of time explaining the BrailleNote to passers by. It's not that I hate answering questions, it just gets frustrating being in the spot light all of the time. Thankfully, God helped me keep my cool and things were okay.
Here, for your enjoyment, is my entry I tried to post last night. The subject was: Free wireless makes me feel mPowered.
Bad pun? Maybe, but it's true. I'm sitting here, with a free night away from the parents. I'm in a hotel lobby with free wifi which is definitely a nice thing. Mind you, I love my parents, but sometimes, well, a college student starts to get annoyed being in the same house... THE parents will return from their gathering sometime later tonight, but for now, I'm independent. Let's see what I can update you all on while I'm sitting here. We went shopping today, mom, Julio and I that is. We used one of the free wheelchairs and I'm glad we did. The Lyrica helps with the pain as does the Celebrex, but there's no way I could have walked any more than I had. We did about 15 minutes of walking before I said some choice words of pain and told mom it was time. She pushed me, Julio got confused and I learned some interesting things about what it's like to spend a morning in a wheelchair. I don't believe for a second that I actually understand what that's really like. You can't get a good idea from that anymore than a blindfold activity gives a true glance to to my world, but it gave me a glimpse.
I learned a few interesting things:
1. Julio will try to work no matter what. He actually started pulling the wheelchair. I didn't let him because I was afraid he'd get hurt, but it was interesting to observe anyway.
2. Didn't seemed fazed by me in a wheelchair, but I couldn't see had glances.
3. Tables are not designed for wheelchair users.
4. Although wheelchair users can use the large stalls, it's not a perfect solution.
5. One can get used to being at a lower level than other people.
6. The friend from college I saw wasn't fazed by the chair at all. I won't speculate, but she didn't ask about it. She knows what's going on with the foot, so that's probably why.
7. Just like blindness, it is possible to adapt to using a wheelchair.
8. Elevators make me sick if I'm sitting for the ride.
9. This was a better way to handle the mall.
We also got some aroma therapy products from Bath and Body Works. I hope they'll help with the pain or the inflammation.
We went swimming this afternoon. I tried some of the water aerobics stuff I know. it's more like physical therapy than actual aerobic exercise. After that we went in the hot tub. That was good.
This evening I've been taking it easy. My foot is sore and I hate to think what pain I'd be in if I hadn't used the chair today. I don't need a wheelchair all of the time, but I think for that much walking it was the right choice to make. I feel like today was a good productive day. I only wish I'd gotten more sleep. I did everything right last night, but because of the walking yesterday morning, but pain woke me up. You can't win them all.

Just to expand on the entry above, I'm now back at home. It's good, because after the late night last night and the afore mentioned lack of sleep from the night before and having to get up at 6 this morning, I'm exhausted. I'm not sure how I'll stay awake to be honest.
I'm writing this at 2, and for some reason our wireless hub isn't being nice, so I don't know when this will actually get posted.
Anyway, despite some of the above frustrations and pain, this was a good weekend.
Hugs for now,
Looks like it's back up.
Hugs! (for real this time!)

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