Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

What a pain in the...

Is it illegal to murder a laptop? Because if it's not, I would be very very tempted to do just that. All we want to do is print out my story which is 32 pages long with 1.5 spacing. Granted, it's too long to post here, but it shouldn't be *that* difficult. My TRW portfolio printed fine at school. It was a little longer than that.
Finally, the thing looks like it's going to print.
We weren't able to do any real looking for classes today. After trying to get the schedule printed on the accessible computer (which only has a printed sign on it to say that it's the one with JAWS and Kurzweil), getting one last text for psych and a few conversations, my foot was protesting loudly. I'll have to push it a lot this semester, I don't need to push it now if I can break things up. We grabbed smoothies and then went to the bank and home.

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