Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Isn't that sweet?

So when I go to the doctor for injections like I did on Tuesday, I don't take Julio back with me. It's a sterile environment and he isn't allowed back there. I've already been in discussions about whether or not he should be or not under the ADA, but either way, it's probably better to not have to worry about what your guide dog is doing while you have a needle stuck deep in your back. Tuesday was longer simply because A: I had two appointments, one for the injection and one with the Dr. who diagnosed my RSD and the actual injection. And B: they were running so late that my first appointment happened when my second one should have. Mom needed to get some things at the pet store (which allows non-working dogs in), so she took Julio with her. Well as I've said, Julio and I were separated for a while, probably for two or so hours I'd guess. Ever since then, Julio has been very clingy. Mom says he was a bit worried, well behaved as he is, he was sighing a little. I also suspect he picked up on my less-than-happy mood then. This dog is the sweetest!

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