Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

The rest of the day

I took a break from the writing that was plaguing me today. This was definitely a good decision. The sun was out, and between that and the book I was reading, I was in a very good mood. We went out and got lunch, did acupuncture and got my prescriptions. Since I'm getting the generic version of Elavil which is Amitriptyline, it's not all that expensive even without the insurance. With the insurance, though, it's $5 which isn't all that awful as compared to the Lyrica which was $40 for a 10 day supply with our old insurance. I realize that other meds are more expensive, but I still think it's rediculous!
Some of the acupuncture points reacted pretty strongly today, so I've got a few spots which swole up like mosquito bites. I can't remember what exactly that means, but I'm not particularily concerned. I'll just drink more water.
I did break down and take Celebrex at dinner. I've been trying to avoid it, because if it's this bad at home, it'll be worse at school, but the pain, stiffness and swelling are pretty intense, so I think I made the correct decision. I just don't want to take more meds than I need to.
I have "I want you to want me" by Cheap trick in my head. It's not a bad song, mind you, but I don't need it in my head right now.
Alright, time for me to skidattle.

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