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The report's in... Or is it?

Well, I can tell you what we think we know, but we don't know for sure. I had a really good appointment. This doctor I really trust. He's very compassionate, and dealing with people in pain, that's really important. He examined my foot, took the temperature of them and the left (sore) foot is 2.5 degrees (Celsius) colder than the right one. That's almost 5 degrees Farenhight colder! That my friends is not normal. So, it sounds like it's the Reflex sympathetic distraphy, but he's still not sure. So, on Friday I'm going to have a sympathetic nerve block. Said plain? A shot in the back. It's not through the spine, but it's near it. They might need to sedate me. So, I'll explain what this RSD is, so it'll make more sense. At least I understand this stuff, which is more than I can say for myself before.
Okay, there's three different types of nerves, the motor nerves, that help you move around and do stuff, the sensory nerves that feel pain, hot, cold, when someone touches you, whatever, and then there's the automatic nerves, they make your heart beat, regulate your blood pressure, stuff like that. Well, the automatic nerves in my foot going crazy, because something irritated them. So, we need to calm the automatic nerves down which will make the foot go back to normal. But they want to be sure before they start me on meds. So on Friday, I'm going to have a sympathetic nerve block. That's going to numb the nerve that they think is going crazy. My leg will warm up a lot, and hopefully my foot will feel better. If it does, we're pretty sure it's RDS. I'm pretty nervous about this though. It might have to be under sedation. I'm pretty scared! I'm trying to stay calm.
If It is RDS, they'll have me use a patch that is designed to lower blood pressure, (What it actually does is calm the Automatic Nerves down.) It won't be forever, and the nerve block may cure it.
Other than that, Diane helped me with the maps of Russia, and we're going to work on them tomorrow, so I should be better at it. Well, that's all for now. I'm glad I have a doctor I trust, and I know God will get me through this, but I still have the bad connotations of all of this. I guess it's baggage from my surgeries when I was two.

Okay, I know God will get me through this, and I know it's probably nothing to worry about, but I don't want to deal with it!! I know it's immature, but I'd rather suffer than do what I'm scared of. I'd really like to scream right now, I think it'd feel really good! But Mom's here, so I can't. I need to channel this energy!!!!!

Okay, I'm done!



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