Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Things I hate and things I love

1. The feeling of pain returning, teasing me and making it hard to know what to take or when to take it.
2. Realizing that I'm hungry right before I fall asleep.
3. Waking up before the rest of the family and not being able to weasle coffee and breakfast out of Mom yet.
4. Realizing that the Audible book I'd like to read isn't on my Bookport and it's too late at night to go get it.
5. Looking back at these lists and realizing I should have used my html code instead of writing the numbers.
Things I love:
1. Cranberry juice and sprite mixed together.
2. White cranberry peach juice.
3. Realizing what I've learned in the past year.
4. Reading lots of good books.
5. Realizing I have less than a month until I get to go back to college.
6. Being able to laugh at myself for being so nervous to go the first time around.
7. Having a very cute Guide Dog.
8. Knowing more about my pain so maybe we can treat it and it will be less of a barrier to my success.
9. Knowing that whatever happens, God has a plan.
10. Knowing that college has helped me grow in my faith even though people told me it would make me lose it.
11. Knowing it's not to my credit that this has happened.
12. Realizing that tomorrow is a New Year.

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