Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby


Even though I'm now too old to get snow days from school and I wouldn't have gotten one today since it's over Christmas break, I still get excited by snow. It's probably a bad idea to go play in the snow with my foot the way it is, but it's still exciting. I stepped out the door and found snow so deep I couldn't tell the sidewalk from the grass. Since I don't have to stay oriented or go out (except for when I'm taking Julio out), I can enjoy the snow again. Maybe I'll find a rope and use it like a flexy leash and see if we can take Julio out to play. Today, I want to get wet in the snow and come inside and drink hot coco, read books and fall asleep all nice and toasty warm.
There are indeed good reasons to see the magic. The dogs are as excited as small children. And even though the snow would make it even more difficult, it gives me a feeling of hope.

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