Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby


For some reason, I can't get to my Bloglines, I can't even get to the web site to try to get to it. It's not a huge deal I guess, but I wonder why that's the only site I can't get to? Okay, whatever.
Yesterday was good. We opened presents and had breakfast around ninish or so. My family was really nice to me. They're feeding my addiction. They liked what I got for them too! That made me very happy.
Mom and I got spa packages from Santa too. Luckily, pedicures were *not* included. I'm so touch sensitive, I'd probably end up screaming.
We kind of just chilled around the house and got ready for dinner after that. Our friends came around 4 or so and much fun was had by all. No one was exempt from being picked on as usual. Helena, I doubt you'll even read this, but let's just say, the stories were flying (think greatest hits!). We had excelent food too. I love linguini with clam sauce and terrimisu. It was wonderful! Got my cranberry juice and sprite concauction so I'm a little less homesick for college.
It was really a good Christmas, but I miss my sister. I did find that when the whole crew was together, I felt more included this year, even moreso than at Thanksgiving. Part of that may be that since it's at our place, I know where things are without even thinking. I'm able to calculate where people are standing easier too. Part of that may also be that I'm older and I've had a full semester under my belt. Who knows?
Anyway, that's what's up. I really want breakfast and coffee now!

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