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Feeling better

Luckily, I was able to feel good enough to eat dinner tonight. I did yesterday too, but I didn't feel good afterward. I'm still trying to finish my piece on TRW. It's already single spaced 4 pages. Don't worry though, I'll put it under a cut.
This entry is really a diversion because I got off on my Lidoderm schedule and I need to stay awake to be able to put it on closer to twelve hours after I took it off. I know I'll need the numbing to get to sleep or stay asleep or both.
We discovered these amazing muffins at Carabou this morning. They're chocolate caramel truffle, and boy are they good. I ate two of them. With an appetite like this, I'll gain the freshmen 50. You know it's bad if you get asked if they ever feed you at college when someone watches you eat.
I need to ask the doctor if I can start some sort of exercise program next semester. I probably won't ask when I have the injection next week. I will ask when I go back for the check up in the middle of January.
Julio got a bath and smells all clean and feels all soft. This is very very good.
Other than feeling awkward being back in Flaketown, things are going pretty well.
Darn, still another half hour to kill at least.


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Dec. 23rd, 2005 09:00 am (UTC)
Chocolate caramel, mmm, yummyyy. I must concur; usually people don't get asked if they're fed at college. New one on me, Nickie. :) As for an excerise program, what about some swimming? I don't know hardly anything about RSD, but I know pressure and temperature of water is great for pain relief. Just a thought to throw out. Be well.
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