Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Can you sue a dog for emotional distress?

If you can, I want to. I went downstairs for an orange pop. Baxter
followed me down and back up. That's normal, I figured he wanted to see
what I was doing. I went back upstairs, drank some soda and then wondered
where Bax was. I went into the bedroom and Baxter growled a bit more than
he usually does. So I went over. He was wet, and looking at his paws more
than usual. I felt between his paws and found something that shouldn't have
been there. I screamed "AAAAAHHHHH!!!! Mom! I think Baxter found a
mouse." Sure enough, he had. And I touched it. Ewwww! Needless to say,
my blood pressure has gone up like a million points (I think), and I've
thoroughly washed my hands a billion times.
Now do you see why he got his name?

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