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Me and Julio not down by the schoolyard

I went to prayer last night which was uplifting. That whole joyful brain freeze trying to comprehend stuff? Yep, still there. I still have some shopping to do this week some time, which is not necessarily going to be fun, but it will get done. The challenge will be keeping my stamina up. I feel bad because I just don't have the pain tolerance for the marathon shopping experiences, or even the little shopping experiences. So then I feel like I'm not making the best choice I could for people. And that isn't necessarily a good thing... It's generally bad. We'll make things work, really we will.
In other news, I know what two of my three grades are, or at least I think I do. That makes me extremely happy because one seems to be higher than I expected! I should know a few days after new years for sure though.
Now I just need breakfast and a good frame of mind to do a bunch of writing.
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