Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Brain freeze

I went to church this morning. The Christmas program was today and it was really good. It got me thinking about the miracle of Christmas. They read John 1 which I'll admit I haven't read lately. Do you ever get blown away by stuff like that? Like when you think about God and what he did, your brain freezes? It's pretty amazing when you get blown away by that.
Seeing people at church was good too. Also, yesterday we went to a Mexican restaurant. That was excellent.
I'm finally calm. My body is slowly feeling less like I spent a night being pummeled by a wrestler or something. I'm slowly feeling like I can move more freely.
Other than that, I can't report much. YPA is doing A Christmas Carol and we're going to go see it. I love that story. I'm sure I've forgotten some of it, so seeing it will be nice. Maybe I'll try to read it too.

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