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Yeah, I knowPolitical commentary

I tend to have pretty conservative values, but I tend to go about them liberally. And I am officially sick of the stupid politics that's been going on. I'm tired of whining about what's going on in the world around us. I'm so sick of hearing people complain about other people's values, instead of trying to change structures that cause those values. I'm glad to see this group has different priorities. I'm not saying sticking up for values is bad, or being active in the judicial circut is bad, I'm just saying we need to think about our priorities. Jesus wasn't hanging out with the rich people, the people who thought they were perfect or any of that. And he didn't try to change stuff legally. He was hanging out with the people who needed his help. After all I've learned, I think it's time to do something to help.


114 religious leaders were arrested in front of the Cannon House Office Building while kneeling in prayer to protest the immoral budget and tax agenda which
slashes spending on the poor to finance tax breaks for the rich. Led by Jim Wallis of Call to Renewal, national faith leaders, clergy and faith-based providers
of services to the poor held a press conference.

Following the press conference the leaders kneeled in prayer blocking the entrance to the Cannon House Office Building on the corner of Independence and
New Jersey Avenues. The Capitol Police began arresting the participants after warning them three times to move from the entrance. The participants were
escorted one at a time into one of two Metro buses transported to a Capitol Police warehouse facility at 67 K St., SW (South Capitol and K Street) where
they are being processed at this hour. Also at this hour a vigil in support of those who participated in today’s civil disobedience is taking place at
the same location. The first release of those arrested is expected around 5:00PM EST.

Okay, I'll get off my soap box now.I realize I'm not explaining this very well. More thoughts to come when I can formulate them clearly.
What I will say now is: I'm tired of being conservative just to be conservative. And the people who bring me closer to God are the people (probably anyone who knows/hangs out with me/that I talk to), are the people who who model Jesus in their everyday lives, instead of fighting over how to make other people do things "the right way". For so long, I saw faith as a bunch of rules. Now, though, I know there rules I follow (or try to), out of gratitude, because I kan't follow them on my own. And I want to make life better for others, not make them feel more guilty. Thankfully, I'm surrounded by people who do the same for me. This probably doesn't make sense...

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