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I'm feelin' hot hot hot!

Well, Erica, Christophe, Audrey and Amandine came over yesterday. If you don't know who they are, I can tell you later I guess, can't be very bothered right now. The Vikings won! Yeah! This is the first time I actually really liked seeing a game. The thing at church was cool! Okay, sorry, back tracking again. I'm really messed up with my time remembering or whatever.
Anyway, hanging out with Erica, Christophe and the twins was fun, but my foot hurt! Then I slept sort of fitfully. I also discovered a huge hole in my lime green flannel bottom sheet. The way I sleep is with a bunch of blankets wrapped around me, so I don't use a top sheet. I think I must have torn it when I wore the boot to bed. Anyway, today was pretty emotional. I recieved an email from one of my bestest friends who I've known for half my life about Dakota. She's so sweet, but since I was on edge it made me cry, that's probably good because I'm trying to ignore my thoughts about Dakota, but I probably shouldn't, God keeps bringing him up in my mind. I'm going to have to face my thoughts someday, but maybe if I do it little bits at a time, I'll handle it better. Anyway, the day was okay. I had two chocolate doughnuts for breakfast. Personal Law was just funny because we were talking about Crazy Laws that were on the books. Remind me that if I ever go to Pitsburgh again not to sleep in a fridge! I'm afraid of going to jail! But we talked about Amstradaam which left me feeling unclean. If you don't know, Amstradam has open drug trade and prostitution. It's not actually legal, but anyway, it made me feel really unclean. I listened to Relient K and felt better. Econ was cool. Journalism was pretty cool too. At this point though it got hotter. Our school had to shut off the A.C. and that wasn't fun at all. Although I did love it when the lights were low or off, the other kids had to squint, while I went on my way as if nothing was wrong. Russian Civ was cool too. Oh, I finally had a chance to go get a lock from one of the teachers, now I have a locker! Yay!
I managed to get on the bus, but I felt really faint when I got home. Getting cool and drinking water helped, now I feel great!
That's my life for now!



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