Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

French, Final, Fail illiteration or the truth?

I'm not looking forward to the exam this morning. French verb tenses and I so do not get along. I studied, so hopefully things will improve in that area. If she addresses me as tu, I should be okay. If she uses vous, I'm in trouble because those sound different in many cases.
Then I'm off to the O'Neill Center to complete the stupid class surveys. When I ask for them to be emailed, or my professor asks to have them emailed to me, that does not mean send them to the O'Neill Center for reading. In the scheme of things, I suppose that really doesn't matter, it just somewhat erks me.
Given that I see areas for improvement, I think I will start trying to form a club/alliance/whatever on campus to address issues of disability from a student perspective. They really do try here, but there are things that can still improve. It's not that I hate it here, I've come across enough equality here to be happy and know that this is the right place for me. It's just that I can see so many areas for improvement. I'm tired of whining about it, I want to change something.
One thing I'd love to change is this waking up at 4:30 junk. That has absolutely nothing to do with disability, but I'd still like to change it.
I got to see Baxter last night when the parents came down to help me get my last prescription for Amitriptyline. I'm going to stay on it, I think, but I will be transferring it to a place that is better suited for pedestrian access so I won't need their help to get the meds.
Now I think I'll go take a shower. Wish me luck as I go out in to the lions, er, I mean to take my final.

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