Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

My year in review.

I'll probably post a big one later, closer to the new year, but this is the one everyone's doing. Just take the first line of the first post of each month.
January: I've been kind of busy/sick the past week and a half. I will post my trip journal eventually. And all that. At least I can eat now. Hopefully I'll be back
February: Today I was tired. Very tired. I didn't sleep all that well last night.

March: I have a doctor's appointment for another opinion tomorrow. Not my idea, but my doctor's. Please pray!
April: Bottoms up!
May: This morning I woke up and groaned. I didn't know what I was thinking doing the Walk America thing for March of Dimes thing with tendonitis in my foot.
June: Although I woke up at 4 this morning (coming off Tylinol PM is harder than I expected), I'm in a good mood! I've been working on the speech and it's doing

July: I woke up at 1:30 last night and couldn't go back to sleep. Part of this is having a screwed up sleep schedule and part of it's just nerves.
August: I haven't figured out how I'm going to produce all of this content of the weekend in an accessible way. I may try to just talk about it ona podcast, since

September: Thanks to the help of Dad, I'm officially upgraded to XPSP2. Thanks to

October: nI forgot to turn off my alarm. So I'm awake because of that and once I woke up, I realized how much pain I was in. I'm thinking a litaderm patch may be
November: Going to breakfast, class and physical therapy. Please pray that I make it through all that and that I figure out where to go to lunch since it's likely
December: I fell asleep doing homework last night. My BN's top flapp was open, and I lost my SD card somewhere in my bed or near it. Have you seen how little those

It's weird to look back at the entries from the beginning of the year. I just laugh at myself. That was not even close to the pain now. Nothing close.
Update about my day coming later, I'm on my way to the late night breakfast.
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