Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Wonderful evening mostly.

The evening started out with Julio shreading a paper bag (*cough*turd!). Little bugger. Then we went to a concert by
Katie McMahon
She was amazing! It was a beautiful relaxing way to end the day. My pain levels were good, I.E., there were only a few flares of pain, and those were manageable, meaning they didn't make it necissary to dig my nails into my palms, gasp in a sharp breath (I try not to do that, but it sometimes slips out), or in general focus on the pain only. That was helpful. I got my schedule off, so I hadn't taken my last pill of Lyrica, but that didn't matter. The only down spot in the night wqas some reactions to us and our dogs. I'll be trying to find out what to do/who to contact to make sure staff/volunteers are given a bit more training about sensitivity issues. Luckily, my friends don't judge my college by that experience.
The concert was excellent, if you are at all interested in Celtic music, takt Katie's music a listen. I was glad I did!
We ended the night with hot chocolate at Starbucks (Brewberries wasn't open).
Now, it's bedtime. Or will be soon. What a great evening!
Tags: fun events, music and movies

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