Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Dr. Seuss becomes an MD

On foot, two foot
Normal foot, blue foot
This foot is a quite a bit cold
This foot needs a brace to hold.
Warm foot cold foot
Cold foot, burning foot
Makes me feel old foot.

Okay, this is really stretching it. But I thought I'd share!
I can't find my TRW piece of pie. This is frustrating!
But I'm done with the psych test and I think I did okay on it. It's amazing when you take a test and feel intelligent on it. I actually could remember all of this stuff. It's so nice to feel good and not depressed or wanting to cry. Now, I still get sad or a bit overwhelmed, but I can get out of these feelings so much quicker. I am capable of seeing the world in a good light again. Instead of feeling like I only do well on tests because I got lucky, I feel like things are manageable and I am capable of doing well.
This is a really nice feeling!
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