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How I survived my first semester at college

That sounds like a book title. Unfortunately, I don't really have any new tips on that. I've been fighting my body all day, and it culminated with extreme pain tonight. I was at the point I thought I might pass out. I was making fists, clenching my teeth and gasping under my breath during the movie we watched for French drama club. I got some dinner with friends and felt a little better. The Sprite/cranberry juice helped a lot as did the food. Got back here and immediately put on Lidoderm. Now I'm drinking a bottle of water to try to see if that helps. The air is dry here and I suspect I could be the tiniest bit dehydrated. If nothing else, this day has confirmed to me that my foot is out to get me, and that I need to be ready to combat it. I'm trying to do deep breathing to get through the really bad pain, but didn't even think of it today. Don't know how affective this will be, but I can try. I'm to the point where I can think about something other than pain. Unfortunately, that something is me wanting to go to sleep. But I will not. Must get reading done tonight, write like crazy tomorrow and be done editing by Friday at noon.
Emailed articles are done downloading, so I must go. I ended up finding a lot of stuff on my own and I'm proud of it. But after this, I really don't want to think about the implications stem cell research and other genetic manipulations will or could have for the civil rights with people with disabilities. I don't even know if I believe my own argument anymore or if I even care. I don't think that was the goal.

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