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Yes, she would like cheese on that

I met 'Steve today. Yep, for all the Katies reading this (not people named Katie, just people who go to the Kat's college), it was *That* Steve. For those of you who aren't priviliged to go to my college, this guy has less inflection than anyone I've ever met. If you had a Braille 'N Speak in the not-so-old days, but probably around 1995ish or so, think about the BNS turned slow with inflection turned off.
Here's what happened:
I went to the pulse with a friend because I didn't go to dinner. Yes, michael_m, I know, bad Nickie. So I'm standing there, about to vomit from pain and waiting for my food. Steve rings me up because the first time they didn't hear that I wanted a burger and just gave me fries and a soda (you can't get juice, so lay off th health comments). The guy working the grill asks if I want cheese, and Steve asks my friend "Does she want cheese." At this point, because it's been pointed out to me, I know that this is Monatoan Steve. I'm trying not to laugh.
Anyway, the upshot of it is that this friend and I are trying not to laugh. We leave the caf and just bust out laughing.
I wish I could show you just how little inflection this gentleman has. For the record, I really want to go back and if my friend gets asked again, I will be saying "Yes, she does want cheese. Does he have a problem with addressing a blind person directly?" I'd probably never do something that outright mean, but it made my friend and I laugh.
Just had to share. Now she's going to go relieve her dog.


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Dec. 7th, 2005 04:59 am (UTC)
Monotone Steve!!!

I'm so glad you met him!!! Does that mean you heard our songs?
Dec. 11th, 2005 10:31 pm (UTC)
The lunch ladies at my school do that all the time to me! Can't remember...but I think I actually did do the "yes, she does want milk" or something to that effect...it's not mean, they deserve it. And it'll give you something to randomly giggle about later.

I know i'm late responding to this post...but give me a break, i've been away for much time.

Hope you're doing OK

Love much!

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