Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby


I went to bed early, hoping against hope to get some work done in the morning. I somehow neglected to put on Lidoderm and take Amitriptyline. So here I am, awake having done those two things. I'm too tired to think streight, too sore to go to sleep yet and to frustrated and fed up with this whole thing for my own good.
I may have fixed my ear ache. I didn't want to take decongestants (Dad, if you read this, email or instant message me with the proper spelling of that please?). I wasn't sure how or if they would interact with my meds. I saw on WEBMD that you can put a hot washcloth on your ear and that sometimes helps. It may have helped a bit. We'll see.
I Need my body to cooperate for once. Just once, please?
Apparently there are students with compromised immune systems on this campus, like they're in treatment for cancer or some other health problems I don't understand. How on earth do they survive this place? How do they stay healthy and get everything done?
I have a ton of respect for them!

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