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Why is someone vacuuming outside? It sounds like someone is vacuuming outside. I don't think you can vacuum snow. And why do they have to do so while I'm trying to sleep?
I've been trying to sleep since 4 or so when I woke up hungry. Mind you, I don't know why I was hungry. I had a piece of pizza and a Davanni's sandwich. There is no good reason to be hungry. But I was. So I ate the brownie and tried to go back to sleep. That was difficult too because the foot was trying to get in on the act.
We''ll just say that I feel more tired than before I went to sleep.
I could try to go back to sleep before my friend comes to get me for waffles and coffee, but I don't think I'm going to. I'll just take a bath or something.
I have a lot to do, but need another bottle of stuff to put in my Glade thing. I wonder if Schniders has it? If so, I can get it myself but if not, I'll have to ask someone sighted for help finding some because the Lunds is definitely not accessible to me. I wouldn't care about the air freshener problem but it just smells like I need one in here since I can't open a window anymore. Well, I could, it would just be stupid. I could go over to Schneiders and go get some hot chocolate for or Chippotle or both and just prove that I can do it. Not sure if I will though. I have a lot to get done andquite a bid of pain to deal with today.

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