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Pizza, life and all of that junk.

I got some help with that French paper, so now all I need to do is finish writing the stupid thing. I'm not a huge paper person. Okay, interjection, what on earth is going on outside my window? It sounds like the grim reaper. I'm not sleeping tonight! AAAAAH! I'm officially creeped out now.
Went out for pizza (which was good) with the family. Said good-bye to Helena which makes me very sad.
In other news, high school still seems to haunt me. I doubt anyone who is involved in this is reading this blog, but I'm going to say once and for all, "Yes, that did hurt, but I know the truth about myself and what I have and haven't done. If you can't deal with that, I don't care." Maybe I shouldn't even say that, but I've decided to say it anyway. If this doesn't make sense to you, consider yourself blissfully unaware.
I am okay although somewhat down. There's enough good stuff in the day to make my day okay though. I'll take how I feel now over how I felt for the month and a half on Neurontin. At least I can justify how I feel now. That was just plain awful!
Oh, and I'm super excited because Mom and Dad found a new talking thermometer and some of those eye drops the eye doctor gave me after the vitreal hemmorage. They feel good on my eyes and help with the dryness.

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