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I'm definitely sore this morning. The thing where I wrote three things I'm thankful for helped a lot. I sort of got it from a book I read called the Quilt. It's by T. Davis Bunn. In it, one of the characters quotes a verse from Romans, I want to say 1:21 that says something about "They neither new or glorified Him so they ended their days in futility." Since I was feeling like my day had no meaning, I thought I'd try that. It got me into a much better frame of mind for going to bed. I woke up off and on, but did manage to sleep until 6:30. I'm tired though since sleep was frequently interrupted by pain.
I'm thinking of trying to walk to Brewberries depending on the weather. I need to get some emails written and perhaps Brewberries would be a better choice because I can send them out using my BrailleNote there instead of the web interface Earthlink uses.
Okay, I'm out of here. Today I get the brace. Maybe that will help.

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