Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Random Musical Memories

This morning, I got the urge to listen to the John Denver Christmas album. I think I will borrow it from Mom. Then I came home and Dad was listening to a Peter, Paul and Mary album. It's not actually a Christmas Album, but it had the song "The Marvelous Toy." I remember the first time I heard that song. I was at a John Denver when I was 7 and in first grade. Later, I remember learning to play that song on the piano. I also remember learning to play "Favorite Things" on the piano. Man, I was crazy for The Sound Of Music. I still don't believe how much I loved that movie. Someone who may or may not read this entry can, I'm sure, blackmail me with quite a bit of information. But she won't, will she?
It's definitely starting to feel more like Christmas, but it won't feel completely like Christmas if I don't smell a pine tree. Glade plug-ins don't count.
Kay, I should go get the patch off.

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