Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Starting to feel like Christmas

It's finally starting to feel like Christmas can come this year. Not like I really had much control over it though, or like I wanted to. Part of me was thinking along the lines of "I got RSD basically for my birthday, I'll probably get surgery for Christmas." Now, I think that's much more pessimistic than it needs to be. There can be hidden blessings that one won't expect. I don't even know for sure that I'll have to have surgery (I know, I'm still in denial of that). But if I do, I know that it will be bearable. After all, I got to get off the Neurontin this time. I'm still elated about that!
I still don't know how I'll get all of the shopping done walking wise since I've heard that Amazon isn't accessible anymore. Is this true? Don't even start with the Window-eyes works stuff, I don't have enough money or the ability to justify to get a second screen reader.
We had red meat for dinner which always makes me smile. I was in such a forgiving mood, I didn't whine too loud about having to eat sweet potatoes (ewwww!).
I'm still paying for stomping the snow off my feet. So I'm going to be interested to see how I sleep tonight.
Oh, and I have to find a way to hear the "Red-nedck 12 Days of Christmas" at least once this year.

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