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Things looking up slightly?

Last night was hard, and so was this morning, but once I got to school I was okay. A few times I almost lost it though. I read the Ranbow bridge letter during reading which wasn't the right thing to do. I did load myself with caffine, which calmed me down a bit. Don't ask why. Personal law is really interesting. We're working on finding different cases with different defenses. It's kind of cool! In economics I got a 20/20 on our first quiz! I'm kind of proud of that,, laugh if you want. Journalism was cool! Russian Civ was also interesting. After that Mom took me to my old Junior High and I saw all my teachers. It was fun! Went to Walmart, got the Third Day Offerings 2 CD. It's great. Mom went to get the results of most of my medical tests for the Pain Clinic. She talked to either the receptionist or the nurse who says she really likes working with this doctor. She says that he has helped a lot of people that were sick of going to doctor after doctor, and I get the impression he cares about people. She also said that he's interested in my case because of my age, I guess it's a rarity. I guess that's a good thing, hopefully he'll work until we find something. I'm really sick of doctors giving up on me after a half hour visit.
I might take some self-defense classes for my personal law project. It sounds like a good idea. Go to a few classes, learn some stuff I need to learn anyway, teach it to the class and get 60 points, ten of which are extra credit! One cool thing is that my classes this year are stuff I'm interested in. It's really exciting!
I still really miss Dakota, but I'll make it I think. I'm gonna go.

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