Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

just a quick bedtime update

I feel my entry from earlier came off much more pessimistic than intended. I guess if I had to sum my intended point up in one sentence, I would say the following: I asked on Monday how I would respond to being diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, but my conclusion now is that even if right now I can't be extremely happy about it or thankful for it, I can be thankful for the little things and I can be thankful for the lessons. Make more sense?
I got home probably a little after noon, then slept for much of the day. I've been extremely tired and I think it caught up with me. I hope I can sleep better tonight than I have the past several. One of the challenges I have here is that I share the house with my family and can't just go do whatever if I can't sleep. At least in my dorm room, I can go sit at the computer and do stuff.
I think the Celebrex will probably help soon. It might actually be starting to help although I'm still swollen and sore. Hopefully the new meds and everything is going to work.
Okay, I'm going to go to bed soon. Time to take all my meds (I think I'm a regular pharmacy).

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