Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Morbidity in the good sense of the word

So a good friend and I were talking, and we've decided I need a color detector so I can tell what color my foot is turning. I asked another friend if I could tell Dad I needed one for Christmas just to make him get frustrated and ask what the H*** I needed one of those for. She says I'm nasty. I claim I'm cafinated and screwed up my Neurontin schedule today.
Also, if anyone knows who Bill Engwald is, he does the "Here's your Sign" thing. I've added a new one. Came up with it today, two days to late:
"Did you hurt your foot?"
"No, I just heard cast boots were the latest fashion. Here's your sign!"
Also, reasons RSD could be a successful employee:

  1. Excellent multi-tasking skills: It can make a limb feel like it's burning while it's ice cold to the touch.

  2. Makes a big impact: All it takes is one small injury, something you'd never know occurred and it can have catastrophic consequences.

  3. Adaptability: No need to wear flesh colored panty hose or anything flesh colored that would normally show up, your affected areas will stand out and adapt to make sure to be seen.

  4. Excellent growth potential: You never know how big it will make the affected area swell.

  5. Alarm skills: As an employee, RSD can tell you if you're to close to anything. Clothes, blankets or anything else will cause pain.

Disclaimer: I haven't been officially diagnosed with RSD yet, but I have experienced the symptoms outlined above. This humor is designed to be tasteless and therefore should be taken with a grain of salt. No flame wars, I've got enough burning pain as it is.
Tags: health, my writing

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