Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Music and stuff

This is not good. I'm crying again and I have no good reason to be. Everyone I know who's dealt with medical issues has dealt with it better than me. My pain isn't even that high (although higher than it was this morning). I'm not handling this as well as I should.
I'm becoming a fan of Greenday. As I cried, I turned on the radio and one of the prettiest songs, Boulevard of Broken Dreams came on the radio. It just made me cry harder. Then John Mayer's song came on, you know, the one that goes "Mothers be good to your daughters", or something like that. Totally made me feel guilty for even struggling. My parents are so good. I love them to death. And yet I screw up in so many ways. And I can't even hold my emotions in check. I should not be crying this much. I keep trying to tell myself it's the meds. But am I passing off the responsibility?

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