Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby


I'm at Brewberries this morning. It's nice to relax. I'm chilling. I'm tired. I need more sleep. But I don't have to wear the cast boot and I'm here. The pain isn't too bad today. Julio is working nicely. Cities is playing over the radio. I've had my vanilla latt. Maybe all is not right with the world, but I feel better. I still need to deal with a lot of questions and I still feel pretty down from the medication, but part of me is happy, content and serene.
I'm still nervous about Tuesday. Will we find out that I have rsd? Or will I be left wondering why I have so much pain if I don't have it? What is going to happen to me? I just feel like I don't have much emotional energy for this. Yet I still feel the need to protect people when I talk to them. I try to keep a positive attitude. I really want to go back to sleep. Maybe I'll grab a coffee and head back or maybe not. Who knows? I don't even know, so how could you possibly?

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