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I've survived the last two days. A lot has happened, and I'm exhausted. Talked to my French proffessor and she wasn't mad. That helped a lot. I also found out that there are subtitles, I thought I was a huge loser for not being able to follow along at all, and all the other students were following along fine. I feel much better about this now.
I went to the French club outing to Hotel Sofitel. It was excellent, but I didn't realize what I got myself into with the meal until it was too late. It was this chicken stew, but the chicken was on the bone still. It was dstill an excellent evening though.
My foot is really swollen and I'm really really exhausted. Just when I don't think it can get worse, it gets worse. But I went to Disability Services and bounced some ideas off of them. I feel better.
I just want sleep, sleep that's not interupted with pain, sleep that I don't wake up from in the fetal position, sleep that doesn't include dreams that scare me proportionately to the pain, sleep that doesn't make me wake up with my eyelashes stuck together from tears I must have shed in the night, sleep that leaves me feeling restored. I feel so exhausted in every way.

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