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It still hurts

Well, we barried Dakota, and then eventually had dinner. I could barely force me to eat! But I succeeded. Then I went back online and tried to talk to my sister. It didn't really work. I was about to go to bed when I realized that we never restocked my Tylinol PM supply. Mom was going to get me some, but finding out about Dakota side tracked that. Thus I didn't sleep well because of my foot. I showered this morning, and barely held it together. I managed to sort of, but again cried and had to redo my make up. No, that's not that important, but I never viewed myself as ever having that problem. I made it through today. I think this quarter will be good, one teacher is going to need to be reminded to get things Brailled, but I think we'll manage. Other wise I think everything will be okay as far as school is going.
Why can't I stop crying? I'm sorry if I've been short or unkind to anyone yesterday and today. I just don't know what's wrong with me? Why I can't handle this the way I thought I could. I'm a mess, and I don't like it. I should probably call someone, but can't get that courage/willingness up, and I'm not sure I could talk anyway. Thanks to rangoon for what he sent me! And thanks to enchanterglen and rdfreak for your kind words! I really apreciate it.
I should probably try to talk more, but I can't process it right now. It hurts as bad as my foot if not worse. I need to find a law I don't like for Personal Law. That's my homework.



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