Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Inquoherence and other such ramblings

I forgot to mention that my blood pressure was high again. 133/92 I think. Yep, three, count them 3 medical professionals asked me if I was okay/whether there's stressful stuff going on.
In other news, I was apparently on the varsity soccer team last year. Not only that, I was the captain. That's what it says in the book Who's Who Among American High Schoolers. That's the easiest title I've earned in a while. I thought I injured my foot falling off a bus, but maybe with the medication I'm not thinking clearly and really did hurt it playing soccer.
Should I send the following letter?

Dear Who's Who Among American High Schools Staff:

I'd like to commend you on your 2005 edition of the book. While I cannot see the artwork, pictures or biographies, I am sure you put a lot of hard work into it. I would especially like to commend you on your open-mindedness toward people with disabilities.

It is to your credit that you did not censor my biography which apparently contained the statement that I was the varsity soccer captain even though I also included my work with the National Alliance of Blind Students.

Unfortunately, in this case, it would have been to your credit to censor this information. I did not submit any such claim. While the information about the National Alliance of Blind Students was correct, the information about the soccer captain was never included in my biography.

Thank you again for your open-mindedness toward the abilities of people with disabilities, but please try to improve your fact checking.



What do you all think?
Tags: censorship, disability related, health, strange

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