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I finished my lab report several hours earlier than I'd expected. The French test wasnt so bad. Almost lost it in psychology. My foot hurts so so so so so bad! If any of you remember the injection that went terribly wrong before the Relient K concert two years ago, think worse pain than that. I can't think about much. I keep bursting out with expressions of pain. I have nothing I can take except for my Neurontin and Amitriptyline which I take normally and you don't just up doses of those things. I wish for once a medical professional could see me like this. I have no idea how I'm going to survive dinner and actually eat with this pain and wouldn't you know that this is the day I chose to eat with my friends? The best term I can think of for myself is a witch with a different letter if you get what I'm saying.
I had so much fun yesterday, I guess it's time for a not so good day. On the bright side, lunch was great and I got Dr. Pepper.
I just feel like I'm letting everyone down because I can't seem to stay positive. I'm trying to, I really am, but it's not working.

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