Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Something I wrote at Kodiak

Yep, folks, I forgot to post this earlier:
11:23 am: The staupid pills!
It was brought to my attention that my MSN screen name could be construed as something very very different than I intended. It says "Nickie and Julio: Yes I did take my stupid pill this morning!". That could, theoretically, be taken as me being on THE pill. For the record, I'm not. I'm at a women's college for a reason...
I'm just writing this from Kodiak. I've had my carmel vanilla latt. And now I'm drinking a cinamon apple cider. Yum! I'vae written most of my lab report and some of my performance review. Now', I'm just sitting here, chilling. And wishing mom would come soon. I'm hungry again, but don't want another scone. I'm kind of hoping for something else, not sure what though.
Julio's song was on the radio. That was fun. And Julio's being rather forwtd about wanting his gentle leader off. He just rubbed his face aacross my butt to try to get it off.
The one bad thing about Kodiak is that they don't have free WIFI. Or any WIFI. I kind of need to send out a few things, but I can't from here. We may go get a haircut for me later today.
I'm definitely a dits; I forgot to put my Neurontin iny fanny pack. So mom had to run back for it later. That's rather embarrassing.

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