Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Yay for fall break.

No more class the rest of the week! Yahoo! OOPS, probably just broke trade-mark laws. Anyway, this break will be awesome (I hope). I have some work to do over the break, but hopefully that can happen nicely.
I'm so tired today, but at least I feel less crabby.
Random notice of studential attitude: I hate colored handouts, so does My scanning program. But at least they're helpful in the library and the presentation was not boring.
Update: They have all of those handouts on the website in accessibly designed pdfs which I can export as text to the synchronized files folder on my compute and sync over to my BrailleNote easily. Then I quick import those files into Braille and Voila! This is why I love college!
Interaction 1:
Me: Did you just come down the stairs?
Person: Yes, they're right there... to your left a little.
Me: Thanks, my dog seems to have forgotten how to find them.
Other person: Laughs.
Interaction 2: (In the library):
Presenter: You must be Nickie. (Introduces himself).
Me: Yes, it's nice to meet you! (Extends hand)
Presenter: I actually met you downstairs.
Me: Oh, yeah, when Julio wasn't listening...
Yes, folks, I'm making great impressions on people!

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