Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby


This *was* one of the most pain free days I'd had not counting the a few days right after injections. Was is the key word there...
Good things first:

  • I got to see my V.I./Mobility instructor from junior and senior high school. Yes, she was my teacher, but also a good friend.

  • I felt calm and well balanced for much of today.

  • I didn't have to fill anything else out at PT, so my medical info stayed private.

  • I did not get killed by a car today.

  • I am up to 500 MG of Neurontin and I'm still tollerating it.

  • I ate vegetables (if you count potatoes), today.

  • I turned in my revised lab report.

  • I got to eat lunch with a friend.

  • Said friend who is in the know approves of where I'm getting my Physical Therapy.

  • I was not the only one who had to revise the lab report.

Bad things:

  • I'm more sore after PT because of

    1. The whole people touching my foot thing.

    2. The motion tests.

    3. Strength tests

    4. The whole walking thing.

  • I accidentally deleted a voicemail without listining to it.

  • My laptop was being a butt and I ended up having to ask someone to come in, shut down and restart JAWS.

And that's my day in lists.

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