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Prayer request

If anyone is so inclined, I have a prayer request. I go to physical therapy tomorrow. If PT doesn't work, I'll be forced to have surgery which is not something I want to do. So even though I'm not sure if it will work, I'm praying that it does. I've never had to go to a new health care place alone. Yes, my mobility instructor is going to make sure I get the route right, but she won't be staying. I'm nervous. I've never done this with a Guide Dog before. And I've never had a torn tendon before. And part of me really wants to ask mom to come down to help me out, but I have to grow up some time.
I know God has a plan with all of this, but I sure don't understand it yet. Although I'm sure Noah was probably confused about God's plan too.
Anyway, that's my prayer request.
God has given me a few things to help me when I thought I was going to freak out. Yesterday I discovered that my laptop can read SD cards without an adapter and today I hav a huge laughing fit after reading that slashdot article.
Oh, and I handled the cafeteria and such without a friend. Yes, it was lonely, but it gave me the chance to see that I can do it. And Dad says it was okay for me to stuff into my hand and smell it to see if it was salt or pepper, so I didn't make myself look like an idiot.
Tomorrow I go up to 500 MG of Neurontin. But the swelling won't go down. The pain seems more manageable, but I still wish I had lidoderm. Maybe PT will help... either that or make me feel worse. Let's hope the first.

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