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Stuff and such

Yesterday I ended up taking a nap which wasn't good. I'm starting to dispair of ever getting a normal sleep schedule. But as rangoon says, school should help with that.
As for school: I'm starting to be more excited. I'll have journalism, personal law, Economics and Russian Civilization. That's not the order, but whatever. Journalism should be good 'cause I love to write. Maybe using my talent to help the school will make me feel a little less like a miss fit. I'm going to have to sign up for Minnesota Dial In News again because appearently we read the newspaper everyday. I'm also thinking of signing up for cyndicated columnists weekly.
Economics shouldn't be too bad considering that the teacher goes to my church and he says he talks through everything. Whether that's true or not we'll see. Sometimes the talking isn't exactly what I need. But usually I can explain what's wrong or doesn't make sense. Personal Law interests me because I'm hoping to learn about advocacy. Hopefully it'll work out.
As for Russian Civ, I'm excited, again the teacher goes to my church and she was my crew leader on ASP. She's really good. She seems nervous, but in a way that's more like she's willing but not sure how it all works, so I think it'll work out well. I'm again nervous about lunch. I guess they changed the lay out of the caffeteria again ug! I think I might take a cold lunch on Tuesday, but then I'll figure it out for Wednesday.
Other than that, not much else. Just chillin' out, the quiet before the storm. I guess as far as school goes.
For my personal life, Dakota took off again. Dad's really mad. Mom accidently hit a mailbox, I'm worried about her. I feel kind of guilty about it. I'm afraid she's worrying about my foot, but what can I do? It's not my fault. And I can't lie and tell her it's all better. Maybe the pain clinic can help and then she won't have to worry.

Well, I don't know what to think, so I'm gonna go.



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